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Organic solvents play a vital role delivering wide benefits to society in producing modern materials including medicines and surface coatings. Post use requires
responsible management of resulting waste streams.

The European Solvent Recycler Group (ESRG) and Hazardous Waste Europe (HWE) are pleased to announce a programme of co-operation sharing a common interest in promoting high standards to the management of hazardous waste organic solvent streams.

Both parties wish to see Sustainability and Environment policies and their associated legislation to be relevant, correctly targeted, and properly implemented and
Joint overall aims of HWE and ESRG’s co-operation is to promote the waste hierarchy and in particular the European Union chemicals strategy developed under the
auspices of the sustainability and circular economy agendas. Both entities wish to ensure there is no dispersion of waste or residues, no dilution of waste and emissions
in the environment and to ensure traceability throughout the entire waste management chain of solvent recycling and recovery and similarly for other hazardous wastes.
In respect of a circular economy contribution and carbon neutrality objective, independent studies have demonstrated that by recovering and reusing organic
solvents, savings of up to 90% Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions can be attained compared with the replacing of used solvents by new.

Note for Editors:
More information is at http://www.esrg-online.eu and www.hazardouswasteeurope.eu
HAZARDOUS WASTE EUROPE (HWE) is an international trade body established in 2011 representing
155 hazardous waste treatment installations located in 11 European countries that operate a wide
variety of processes and having a total treatment capacity of 4,5 million tonnes per year.

ESRG – Established in 2004 the EUROPEAN SOLVENT RECYCLER GROUP is an international trade
body of 48 professional members engaged in a wide range of solvent recovery activities. The German
Association for Chemical Distributors VCH (Verband Chemiehandel) – provides the secretariat of ESRG.
Committed to transparency, both ESRG and HWE are registered in the European Transparency Register.

Brussels, Cologne, and Paris
22 February 2023


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European Solvent Recycler Group and Hazardous Waste Europe Press Release