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The aim of HAZARDOUS WASTE EUROPE is to exchange information on business management and treatment of hazardous waste with International, European or National institutions as well as Non-Governmental Organizations and consulting firms to promote high quality processes for the treatment of hazardous waste, environmental protection, human health and safety of workers in the regulatory evolution.

HWE members apply the waste hierarchy whenever applicable to hazardous waste taking into account the best overall environmental outcome. They participate in the development and promotion of the best available techniques.

Hazardous Waste Europe works to limit the dispersion of pollutants and substances of concern in the environment and the materials cycles in order to pave the way towards a non-toxic environment.

To achieve this, HWE members base their practice on 3 key principles :

traceability : from the producer to the final waste destination to ensure it will receive the appropriate treatment

non dilution : to avoid dispersion of hazardous waste and their unwanted components in the environment and material cycles

decontamination : separate and extract hazardous substances in regulated waste to ensure they would not be reintroduced in the material loop


They are attached to following ethical rules:

No dispersion of waste or residues,

No dilution of waste and emissions in the environment,

Keeping traceability throughout the entire waste management chain, and

Recycling and recovery in the specific field of hazardous waste.