> Decontamination > HWE joins the UN pledge towards a pollution free planet
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We are deeply convinced that only a model built on non-toxic materials cycles can and will ensure a safe and sustainable circular economy. To reach this ultimate goal, we are committed to strive that substances or materials streams contaminated with toxic substances are appropriately decontaminated before being reincorporated into the recycling chain.

Our objective is that legal provisions on circular economy that flourish in member states acknowledge this significant necessity: prior to recycling, unwanted hazardous components or pollutants contained in both non-hazardous and hazardous waste should be extracted and treated in compliance with the waste and chemical laws to ensure that toxic substances would not be again and again reincorporated in materials that aim to become products of day to day life. Only by controlling that we will protect health and the environment and pave the way towards the achievement of sustainable consumption and production patterns (Goal 12). By promoting high quality recycling we will work to sustainably guarantee « the environmentally sound management of chemicals and all wastes throughout their life cycle » and achieve healthy lives and promote well-being (Goal 3).

The technical solutions already exist and are effective. We miss the political signal that would set decontamination in the legislation. We should hit hard, we must hit now and we could not dream more symbolic than having the solution of decontamination as part of a pollution free planet endorsed by the United Nations.